Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Process, Generation, Iteration I

 The project on the surface seemed commonplace or even humdrum. Create multiple images of the same household object. I chose a lamp in honor of the Pixar people who studied at CALARTS. The aim of the assignment was to get us creating.  From every image and technique I used I learned something new. Even something as straightforward as scanning something, making every image the same size opened a world to me I had only been vaguely aware of before. Not know how techniques would work led to happy accidents as well as disappointments.

I was required to make ten images but I made many more, subsequently I had to decide which ones to submit and that was a challenge. Not because I loved them all but all had something of interest.

As I worked on the assignment over seven days I was reacquainted with the pure joy of doing and learning. There was also a feeling of relief, that I am not focusing on words and phrasing but another way of communicating that shows it itself through action.