Tuesday, 12 January 2016

When the Hand Takes Over

What do we find when we're not looking? What happens if we let the hand take over from the conscious thought?

These were the pieces I ended up doing in the class 'Developing in a Series'. In my desire to not become tied to the finished item I gave these away to my dad who liked them. They are filled with so much more than I could express in words.

When I listen to some artists describe their work I am kind of amazed of all they can say. For me it's hard to articulate what the art I produce means, honestly, I don't know if it has any meaning or whether it matters. I just want the activity to speak for itself.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Productive Fear

Thumbing through the new catalogue of art classes for Winter, I realized that the apprehension and fear of taking a class that I had two years ago has gone. I know the teachers and I feel I am able to make progress with the tasks given. That is the problem. I am not doing something new or something that takes me into the unknown. So what to do? The making of art, for me, is entirely about process but perhaps by disregarding the end result I am letting myself off easy.

In the class I took in the fall, 'Developing a Series', I bowed out of the final class, which was a mini show. The idea of people looking at my work was not at all appealing to me. Now I realize that is what I must do. Work towards a show. Not a show with the other students, something more official. Why? Because it terrifies me, because my work could be vilified or simply ignored, because it is a project and because I think I will learn a great deal. 
More to follow, if I don't lose my nerve.

Monday, 4 January 2016

New year Post: A Meandering

With every new year comes so much self-evaluation. We ask ourselves whether this is who we want to be and what we can change to make life perfect. I don't see anything wrong with this. In fact to strive and look for new projects to tackle is the definition of happiness to me. Years ago I read 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, I remember it only vaguely however there was one passage that has not left me. In it a character talks about his desire to visit Mecca and that, essentially, that desire, that aim keeps him going, because what would he do with himself if he'd already met his goal?
“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” 
This time last year I was pregnant and waiting for my daughter to make an appearance. Now I am amazed at how time drags and goes quickly all at once. Having her has not diminished the desires I have for myself. Everyone said having a child would change my life, but I am not sure I agree. It has in some practical ways and not at all in others. I thought it would change me as a person, but instead it has revealed to me aspects of myself I didn't see before.