Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Productive Fear

Thumbing through the new catalogue of art classes for Winter, I realized that the apprehension and fear of taking a class that I had two years ago has gone. I know the teachers and I feel I am able to make progress with the tasks given. That is the problem. I am not doing something new or something that takes me into the unknown. So what to do? The making of art, for me, is entirely about process but perhaps by disregarding the end result I am letting myself off easy.

In the class I took in the fall, 'Developing a Series', I bowed out of the final class, which was a mini show. The idea of people looking at my work was not at all appealing to me. Now I realize that is what I must do. Work towards a show. Not a show with the other students, something more official. Why? Because it terrifies me, because my work could be vilified or simply ignored, because it is a project and because I think I will learn a great deal. 
More to follow, if I don't lose my nerve.