Tuesday, 2 June 2015


This blog is something of a two edged sword. It's invaluable in helping me reflect on my learning and progress as well as keeping me disciplined, but if I'm not careful I use it to avoid actually making any art. 

A significant hurdle for me has been to get away from language and articulation to actually just doing something. Given that I am still such a rookie, exercises like the one above are important for several reasons:
  1. They are done using media I haven't used before (charcoal and wax medium) which means I'm learning new ways to work
  2. They force my brain to work in a different way that is not dependent on writing or language
  3. Working this way helps me overcome that initial fear of failure
  4. Working this way helps me focus on process over result

 I continue to call this series of spontaneous work 'Cartographies' because I find metaphors referring to journeys apt for my studies and because it feels as if I am plotting out something that can only be done through the visual. What made my hand make these particular marks? Was it my subconscious? Was it based on a feeling? Maybe asking questions is pointless, the work does not have much to do with analysis and everything to do with action and reaction.